GA Mushroom Festival 2019

M4L attended its first mushroom festival in October in Cave Springs, GA. It was a nice break from the FL’s hot, muggy summer. There were very nice vendors and artists selling good food and offering a variety of handmade mushroom products. There were also plenty of dried and fresh mushrooms for purchase. We came across mushroom infused goat milk’s soap, glass blown mushrooms, mushroom truncates for your garden, mushroom shirts, and mushroom inspired bird houses and photography. The food was amazing! We had homemade meatballs (stuffed with fresh shiitake and oyster mushrooms) subs topped grilled peppers and more mushrooms!

Cave Springs, GA Fresh Water Spring

We meet Sarah Prentice, who manages Florida’s Academic Lichen and Fungi Enthusiasts League, and also works at University of Florida. She was very nice and knowledgeable. Puddle, who oversees the Florida Mushroom Festival happening in January 2020 in Ravine Gardens State Park. She served a lion’s mane Alfredo dish topped with fresh Parmesan cheese! It was our first-time trying lion’s mane, and it was amazing! It was absorbed the favors of the sauce, but had a meaty texture and favor of lobster.

Brooke Glasson, Mycology4Life, Owner/Founder

Finally, we visited the Cave Springs Park cave, and filled our water bottles with fresh mineral cave water from the natural springs. But I think my favorite was the pumpkin,mushroom cheesecake – so delicious! I hope to see you at the 2020 Florida Mushroom Festival!

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