GA Mushroom Festival 2019

M4L attended its first mushroom festival in October in Cave Springs, GA. It was a nice break from the FL’s hot, muggy summer. There were very nice vendors and artists selling good food and offering a variety of handmade mushroom products. There were also plenty of dried and fresh mushrooms for purchase. We came across mushroom infused goat milk’s soap, glass blown mushrooms, mushroom truncates for your garden, mushroom shirts, and mushroom inspired bird houses and photography. The food was amazing! We had homemade meatballs (stuffed with fresh shiitake and oyster mushrooms) subs topped grilled peppers and more mushrooms!

Cave Springs, GA Fresh Water Spring

We meet Sarah Prentice, who manages Florida’s Academic Lichen and Fungi Enthusiasts League, and also works at University of Florida. She was very nice and knowledgeable. Puddle, who oversees the Florida Mushroom Festival happening in January 2020 in Ravine Gardens State Park. She served a lion’s mane Alfredo dish topped with fresh Parmesan cheese! It was our first-time trying lion’s mane, and it was amazing! It was absorbed the favors of the sauce, but had a meaty texture and favor of lobster.

Brooke Glasson, Mycology4Life, Owner/Founder

Finally, we visited the Cave Springs Park cave, and filled our water bottles with fresh mineral cave water from the natural springs. But I think my favorite was the pumpkin,mushroom cheesecake – so delicious! I hope to see you at the 2020 Florida Mushroom Festival!

Superpower of Medicinal Mushrooms

Recently, we attended “Superpower of Medicinal Mushrooms” with Cassie Rhea!

Rhea brought a refreshing insight to the power of mushrooms, not only from just a nutritional or medicinal perspective, but also from esoteric perspective on these mysterious fungi. Rhea explains how, “mushrooms obtain nutrients through symbiotic, mutually beneficial relationship with trees,” making them “master communicators;” harmonizers; soil makers; decomposers; functional, and health-enhancing super fungi.” Mushrooms function in nature as “earth networkers” by connecting with the trees to communicate to help fight diseases in nature and send nutrients when needed.

Rhea called mushrooms as living in a “karma free zone,” due to very complex underground-network & are an integral part of the creation and development of our ecosystem. “As it turns out, animals and fungi share a common ancestor and branched away from plants at some point about 1.1 billion years ago. It was only later that animals and fungi separated on the genealogical tree of life, making mushrooms more closely related to humans than plants” (Scienceabc).

Held at the Roots of the Sun in the Forest Room in St. Petersburg Rhea served a delicious chai, reish mushroom tea!

Cassie Rhea is a Superfood Medicinal Mushroom & Rainbow Nutritional Educator!

Eyelixir Alchemist Certified Wholistic Nutrition, Raw Food & Body Mind Performance Coach. Spiritual Creative in service her mission to “inspire vibrant health for the evolution of humanity and Planet Earth!”

Her motto: Keep it MaGicaKal!

10 Benefits of Medicinal Mushrooms for Women’s Health

Medicinal Mushrooms and Women’s Health


Thankfully, now there is a SuperFood, medicinal mushrooms to help relieve women that struggle with hormone imbalaces. Women that expreience systoms like sleeplessness, chronic fatigue, brain fog, weight gain or loss, depression, lack of energy, hot flashes, and irregular menstrual cycles. Read the following article to see how it they work.

How Medicinal Mushrooms Help Women with Reproductive Health, Hormonal Imbalance, and Symptoms of Menopause

How M4L Began

In April of 2018, my best friend told me his good friend had developed Stage 4 bone cancer and auto-immune disease. Shocked about the news especially knowing how fast he became sick and how young he was. At the time, I was in back to back English class, so I had time to do research and write papers for class, but during my research I an alternative for him; turkey tail mushrooms. After months of extensive research on this mushroom and reading its wonderful benefits, I called his wife, but she did not answer. She called my best friend a week later, and that’s when I learned her husband had passed. I was sad, upset and felt helpless that I couldn’t or didn’t tell him about this medicinal mushroom. I than become obsessed with mushrooms; foraging, spore prints, learning about different fungi, and their medicinal properties. I’ve always loved the woods, and mushrooms become a new HUNT when I went for hikes. Months later, I decided I wanted to find the best mushroom extracts to start my own company, now Mycology4Life. I was still in school at the time just finishing my last few months when I meet my partner and everything started to fall into place, and here we are today selling the best medicinal mushroom extracts. We are still learning every day about the amazing medicinal benefits of mushrooms, and are passionate about helping others and boosting their immune systems. ~Brooke Glasson


Spring, 2019 Sarasota, FL