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Tremella mushroom, also called “Snow Mushroom” or “Beauty Mushroom” or “White Tree Jellyfish,” is highly prized a youthful skin tonic.

Tremella mushroom dates back as far as 200 A.D. when it was included in one the earliest Traditional Chinese Medicine material by “Shen Nong Ben Cao Jing”, the father of Chinese medicine used in a variety of dishes from anti-aging soups to desserts.

Yang Guifei (719-756, Imperial Concubine in Tang Dynasty), reputed to be the most beautiful woman in China’s history, considered the Tremella medicinal mushroom to be the secret for her beauty.

Tremella mushroom has traditionally been used by Chinese and Japanese herbalists for thousands of years. It is believed to nourish the lungs, kidneys, heart, brain and stomach. Used to help replenish fluids in the body of Yin deficiency.


Tremella mushroom has a gelatinous, wobbly-jelly-like structure, usually clear, white or golden yellow. Disc-like, the fruit body soon develops irregular convoluted folds with rounded margins. When fully hydrated, it is 2-10 cm across and 3-4 cm tall. It is composed of a network of rounded gelatinous lobes that connect with each other unpredictably.

Tremella is found in many other European countries from Norway down to Portugal. In North America, it is reported to be a widespread and abundant jelly fungus.

Mainly seen in the fall and winter, when their multi-folded jelly-like fruit bodies appear on fallen or standing broad leaf tree branches. In dry weather these colorful fungi lose their luster and become hard orange crusts. When it rains the fruit bodies re-hydrate and turn gelatinous again.